Orphaned Computers & Game Systems

Vol. II, Issue 8    February 1999

Easter-Egg Update

by Chris Federico

I've found information about yet another secret in an Atari 2600 game to add to our growing list. This one concerns Fathom, Rob Fulop's unique action/adventure game that was released by Imagic.

Gamer Chuck Hunnefield discovered the secret, and has duly exhibited his instructions online. Here's the method, paraphrased:

Complete the first level. During the second, acquire all of the Trident pieces and approach the Mermaid's cage as though you're going to rescue her again. Unlock the cage and quickly head upward, exiting the screen before it completely opens.

Now you have to re-emerge on the surface and become the Seagull. Fly east or west, and look at the volcanoes! R.F. is of course Mr. Fulop; M.B. is Michael Becker, the fella that helped out with the graphics. His computerized illustration of a dolphin jumping out of the water was actually what inspired the game's creation.

Remember, if anyone has information about an Easter egg that hasn't appeared in these pages, please write or e-mail and explain it. We'll credit you, as you can see. An especially sought-after secret is the rumored Solaris egg. Any leads?-- CF