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As of 2003 this web site has mostly become a "no-longer-updated static display" site.

January 7, 2003
  • See the texts page, for my compromise version of an update to the main cartridge lists... my "Director's Cut" console write-up from the Digital Press Collector's Guide, version seven, first published in August 2002. I may work on a newer version, over time, as a back-burner project... but for now, enjoy this one.
January 6, 2003
  • I rewrote my "retirement letter". This one is better in a number of ways. Partly, I wanted to do this because of my growing understanding of why many of us in the "content providing" section of the hobby, do what we do. Knowing what one is doing, and why they are doing it, seems like a wonderful idea to guys like me. I also wanted to make it a bit more positive, so I added some cool future plans.
  • I am weighing the prospect of cleaning up some existing texts, over time. As a long term project, I imagine that will happen, though I would not want to say when. So there is some hope for a few more updates, before this site goes totally "cold".
December 31, 2002
  • Uploaded the latest updates to the site. Don't expect many updates from now on. My retirement comes into effect now, and I need a long break from all this stuff.
December 26, 2002
  • I added a new copyright page to this site, and copyright notices at the bottom of each seperate web page. Read it before you jump to conclusions; it even says how you can (or can't) download the whole thing to your local hard drive, for personal off-line uses and so on. This is my way of balancing my need for full creative control of what I've made, with "preserving" it for other's fair uses.
  • I added two new text files: a list of archiving credits, and a glossary of terms.
December 19, 2002
  • Made some minor fixes and tweaks to this site. There are still more to do, which I plan to get to, relatively soon.
December 15, 2002
  • As of today, I am no longer a section author with "Digital Press". I sent my official resignation letter to Joe Santulli today. (This wasn't because of them; it was just part of my overall decision to downsize my current involvement in this hobby.) So for the record, I was a "Digital Press Collector's Guide" author in their sixth and seventh editions before my retirement from online gaming circles took place.
December 13, 2002
  • Uploaded this web site onto my personal ISP's account.
  • If you are using any other URL to access this web site, it is either an out of date copy of the URL to one of my original / older sites or an unauthorized "mirror" site. Please update your current "bookmarks" and/or "favorites" listings as needed.
Dec 10, 2002
  • Working a bit, here and there, on the site's organization and "look and feel". I made a background graphic tonight that is just obnoxious enough, artistically, to amuse me. It is almost painful on the eyes... which fits this era pretty well!   :-)
December 9, 2002
  • On this date, I did something I'd been building up to for at least 18 months. I made the decision to pick an exact date, and end my role as a "content provider" for the classic gaming community. I decided to "retire" and rest on my laurels.
Dec 4, 2002
  • After much thought, I have decided that I would have more technical and creative freedom if I host my web sites on my own personal ISP accounts' servers. I will no longer be hosting this site, or my Commodore VIC-20 web site, on Digital Press' web servers. (They're nice guys and all, but they are not really set up to do hosting.) It will likely take me a few days, perhaps more, to affect all the changes on my end. I plan to take my time, and get the "look and feel" the way I want it.
  • I have also made up my mind recently that I most likely will not be writing for the Digital Press Collector's Guide, any more. This has more to do with my own personal desire to spend more time with my other hobbies than anything else. My publishing agreement with them gives me the right to continue doing whatever I want to do with my own writings, so there is a chance I'll be updating what used to be my DPCG #7 info, over time; but in my own style and so on. (Just as I once took what I had written already and converted it over to DP's "guide" style.)
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