Before you send e-mail to Ward Shrake...

As I noted elsewhere, I consider myself to be "Officially Retired" now.

What this means to you may depend on how long I've known you, but the gist of it is this: if you want me to do unsolicited "work" of some kind, I will more than likely say "no" to that request. Politely at first, then more firmly as necessary.

This web site is now in its final, "what you see is what you get" form. Purely for reasons of creative control, I reserve the right to make any updates I wish to in the future, but I don't have any current plans to exercise those creative rights.

Whatever you do, please don't try to talk me out of my "retirement". My decision in that matter is final. I still love writing, but from now on I plan to write about new subject matter which has no relation to games, computers, or the Internet.

Here are some important e-mail rules which I expect everyone follow:

  • If I've known you for years, and we've always gotten along well, then I will take "work requests" better from you than I would a total stranger. (Try me if you're wondering... but be ready to hear, "Sorry, I'm retired.")
  • Before you ask a question MAKE the time to search this site, and also the various texts I have provided on it, to find the answer yourself. If you waste my time by asking me a question that you could have answered yourself if you had made the time to explore the information on this site, your e-mail will simply be deleted without any reply. I worked hard and MADE the time to write all this. So if you can't MAKE the time to read it, that's your problem, not mine; you must not need your answer very much.
  • If you waste my time more than once, are rude or inconsiderate to me, or things of that nature, then I will promptly add your e-mail address to my e-mail filters logs. From that point on no e-mail that you send to me will ever get through to me again.
  • If multiple people waste my time, more often than considerate people try to contact me, then you can count on me deleting the e-mail link here.

Ward Shrake, Dec 2002

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