APF MP-1000 Cartridge Source Code

This source code was disassembled by Adam Trionfo using the DASMX
disassembler.  All of this source code is commented to SOME extent, although
some of it barely has any comments at all.  Still, if you're interested in
how one of the cartridges (or the MP-1000 System ROM) works, then starting off
with this is better than starting off from scratch with just the plain binary

All of this source code can be assembled using Motorola's AS0 assembler.  The
resulting binary image will match, byte-for-byte, EXACTLY with the original
cartridge or System ROM.
APF MP-1000 System ROM 2K ROM
Brickdown/Shooting Match 2K ROM
Catena 2K ROM
Space Destroyers 6K ROM
UFO / Sea Monsters / Break It Down / Rebuild / Shoot (with variations) 4K ROM